Thermoset composite materials are used for original equipment parts, and for the replacement of metals and thermoplastics balancing performance and cost. Titan’s thermoset composite applications include wear resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, thermal and electrical insulation, high strength, increased mechanical performance, high temperature resistance, and structural light-weighting. Titan’s thermoset materials in general also have unique characteristics such as UV-resistance, chemical stability and resistance, high tensile and flexural strength, dimensional stability, machinability, and corrosion resistance.

Titan’s composite materials can be used in many applications across multiple industries including but not limited to:


Materials in the Aerospace industry are subject to harsh environments and require unique attributes such as wear resistance, durability, strength, high temperature excursion capability, mitigated fatigue failure and low density. For these reasons aerospace based manufacturers and design engineers are implementing composite materials to achieve dramatic performance benefits.


Appliance applications typically address; wear resistance, corrosion resistance, stiffness, thermal cycling durability, aesthetics, and others. Traditionally a metal dominated area, design engineers are looking to composite materials improve performance and reduce costs.

Automotive & Heavy Equipment

Engineered composite materials are now widely used for parts requiring high strength, wear resistance, dimensional stability, light weighting, UV-resistance, conductivity, and more in the automotive industry. With the ability to develop rapid prototypes and quick turnaround production volume, Titan’s composite materials offer faster engineered solutions versus traditional materials of choice.


The ultra harsh environments present in the drilling industry have companies looking for composite materials with the ability to tailor material properties to the specific regional and application needs. Application requirements can vary wildly depending on the nature and structure of the crust being drilled.  With requirements such as stability, high pressure capability, strength, wear and corrosion resistance, composite materials have the capability to be manufactured to meet challenging performance specifications with fast turnaround time.

Glass Manufacturing

To meet the needs for the Glass manufacturing industry, Titans materials can be used to meet the needs of the glass industry in applications requiring thermal conductivity, low/no oil absorption, impact strength, durability, low coefficient of friction, and ease of manufacture. Engineered composite materials can be used to replace some metal components providing increased service life.

L.E.D. and T.I.M.’s

L.E.D’s & Thermal Interface Management systems are among the fastest growing market spaces in the world. Applications include high conductivity (thermal and electrical), as well as thermally conductive but electrically insulative materials.  Titan has engineered materials to meet both needs with advanced composites.

Pumps and Systems

Pumps and systems components are exposed to extreme environmental conditions including high friction and wear from suspended solids and rotational interfaces, overall corrosive solutions, high temperature excursions, and more. Titan’s thermoset composite materials engineered specifically for pumping applications are wear resistant, lightweight, thermally conductive, corrosion resistant, and durable.

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