composite materials for a variety of applications

Every application is unique, and Titan has a proven track record of successfully supplying materials for the most challenging applications. The ability to rapidly engineer product solutions from concept to production offers industries a new outlet for obtaining high performance, low maintenance, and cost effective materials tailored to provide the best possible performance for each individual application.


  • In 2008 ZeMc² was founded in partnership with Zeon Technologies Resins to produce advanced thermoset bulk molding compound.
  • 2016, Titan Advanced Composites was founded in a Joint Venture between ZeMc² and Asbury Carbons.


Our Vision:

Titan is committed to providing material solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.
From our reliable customer service, world class R&D team, and overall responsiveness, Titan’s strengths
provide a platform to our customers for building novel materials for the most challenging applications.